Nikki Sudden Looking For A Friend Lyrics

Looking For A Friend
Oh, let's find a place that we can hide away
Don't need to look, there's nothing to say
Like a thief I'll pull you down to your knees
Break you down, break you up, I'll do as I please
Keep on looking to find a friend.

Oh, there's nothing much to say and even less to do
If you wanna corrupt me I'll corrupt you to
We've opened the bottle, spilled out the corn
Oh, we'll dance till dawn on the lawn
Keep on looking for a friend.

Oh, I'm looking for a friend, looking for a friend
Looking for a friend, ain't it ever gonna end?
Keep on looking, looking for a friend
Oh, hold me darling
Let's go through this again
Keep on looking, baby, oh.

Oh, I pulled you up, I pulled you down
I pushed you round and round
Keep on breaking open your gown
And I know, oh, I know
What I wanna believe
Oh, I know you, honey, do you know me?

Oh, I'm looking for a friend, looking for a friend
Don't you know this ain't Bethlehem
I've been there before, gonna get back again
Oh, I'm looking, baby
Looking round the bend

C'mon, baby, here we go again...

Oh, I'm looking... looking for my friend
Gonna keep on looking
Gonna keep on looking, baby
I've been there before
I'm gonna get back in the end.

Oh, twenty-two paint brushes, giant bottle of wine
You do the paper-round, look after the child
Keep on looking, looking left and right
Oh, I might just find you, I just might
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

Keep on looking, baby
Looking left and right.

I hope I find one soon...

One of these days I might just get lucky
Boy Or Girl.

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