The Moody Blues Dear Diary Lyrics

Dear diary, what a day it's been.
Dear diary, it's been just like a dream.
Woke up too late. Wasn't where I should have been.
For goodness sake what's happening to me.
Write lightly, yours truly, dear diary.

It was cold outside my door.
So many people by the score.
Rushing around so senselessly.
They don't notice there's people like me.
Write lightly, yours truly, dear diary.

They don't know what they're playing.
They've no way of knowing what the game is.
Still they carry on doing what they can.
Outside me and politely, dear diary.

It's over. Will tomorrow be the same?
I know that they're really not to blame.
If they weren't so blind then surely they'd see.
There's a much better way for them to be.
Inside me, yours truly, dear diary.


Dear Diary,
It was cold today.
But the sun came out later,
so I went out and strolled about lookin' at the shops. Didn't really see anything I liked,
so I didn't buy anything.
On the way home, I posted a letter.
Been quite a nice day.
Somebody exploded an H-bomb today, but it wasn't anybody I knew.

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