Embers Arise Caution Ignorance A... Lyrics

Here in this cage
There's no trace
Of emotional pity
This is the stage
Of disgrace
This is my own Sin City

Torn between black and white
I have to ignite
To tint everyday life
Locked inside my own mind
My conscience turns blind
Erasing all sympathy

Save me I can't bare the pain
Of draining your life-force
Save me while hope remains

I can't replace
My mistakes
With enough restoration
I cannot face
My heartache
Without desperation

Malice consumes my sight
Converting daylight
To blinding vermilion
Rage is so seductive
But I don't want to live
Life in this greyscale

Save me...

Torn between...

Save me...

Please, replace this hole with a heart, slowly
Please, help me to take control of my life

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