Embers Arise Hate Statement Lyrics

The naked truth about suffering
Is that it's festering
Killing faster than a bullet
Misery breeds a contagious disease
Accelerating from our lifestyle it feeds

We get a taste of the bitter
To see how you wither
The stench of your ego is lethal
Apathy breeds an infectious disease
Like wild-fire from our lifestyle it feeds

My final confrontation
Before I turn and leave
The people I am leaving
Would never die for me

The weakest makes an impression
But I have a confession:
I don't give a f___ about your life
All I can do is to say we are through
f___ your bitterness
f___ your acting
And f___ you to

My final...

Add the 2nd time:
One is acting
One is bitter
One is empty
All are dead
One is silent
One is wicked
One is grievous
But all are dead

We have tried; compromised
This is it; deal with it
Hate statement
Resign responsibility

So go on
Feel sorry for yourself
While my middle-finger is pointed right in your face
This is the sunset for mankind
The threat is on the inside

My final...

One is acting...

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