Embers Arise Realization Breath Lyrics

Yes I got beaten down
My blood painted the ground
Life's been a b____ for a longer time that I can take
We're raised to believe in silence
Give up hope for a nature of violence
This is the time when I just say f___ it all

A passionate kiss in the depth of hell
The struggle to not repeat what we have felt
Creating an ability to let everything go
Everything we feel, everything we want, everything we know

The world lies in it's cradle
And all this hate, it's all wasted

Realize this we are in pain, but so alive
Enlightened once again
Difficulties and agonies, the pressure
Realization breath

After all that I've been through
Could I possibly be weaker than you
The fine line between feelings is now transparent
Nausea reborn in love
Rain from a clear sky above
Tears of acid in my face in yours not a trace

From this day, realization
Dropping all, nothing to lose

Realize this..

Sometimes you have got to take the fall
This is life I say drop it all
A broken heart life isn't fair
But my mind is stronger than all the despair

The world, soon in it's grave
And all this love will have been meaningless

Realize this..

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