Jovette Rivera The Crossroads (Cid's Theme) Lyrics

I got the beat to lay the funk down,
Come on step inside a my town,
Hold your breath and don't think
There's a new world ready to lay at your feet.

If I gotta give some point
To the new man trying to run on my joint,
Grab some traction, run and hide,
Betcha catch you now
Gonna meet you on the dark side.

You are the one keeping me
From doing what I do
But now I see you too
So I'll give it back to you

You can't believe everything you hear
And you cannot see everything that's near
But if I believe you're gone
Then you'll disappear
Still you reappear

I'm at the point of no break
Gimme a dime and I'll make
A million shine but it's gonna take time
There ain't no time to be fake
So gimme an inch and I'll take
A mile long high better reach up to the sky.

Things steadily heavily
Being pushed on top of me
Readily constantly
So close that I can hear you breathe.

Each and every day's the same
Life has left you nothing new
Turn around and you
Will see what has become of you.
Your visions of
Immortality or love
Left you at the crossroads of
What to choose.

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