Fiji Impossible Lyrics

1st Verse:
I tried so hard to live my life without you
but you seem so cruel
you keep on makings complicated
when it's not
I'm begging you baby stop

Why do we keep on hurting each other
why can't we just be lovers
love is mean't to last forever
but it is impossible with you

2nd Verse:
You lose a real good thing if you ever lose me
you better take time to think
this love can work if we take the time to communicate
why don't we talk any more
(back to chorus)

3rd Verse:
My baby why can't you see what you doin' to me
you keep on hurting my heart, hurting my heart la la la la la la
my baby, why do I feel like I have to prove so much to you
(blessed is a man who tries to do the right thing)
(only the meek shall inherit earth)

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