Living Sacrifice Subtle Alliance Lyrics

All That Is, All That's Left Behind Me
All That Once, All That Once Was Tempting
Threatens To, Threatens To Haunt Me Once Again
To Steal My, To Steal my Mind
Allied Unaware, Allied Unaware
On This Path, On This Path Toward Hopelessness
Helplessly Helpless
Cling To What's Been Shown
I Missed The Chance
I Could Not Control The Circumstances
Took A Hold
Along The Way Allied With The Enemy
Along The Way I Missed It
Avoiding All Repentance
Along The Way I Missed It
Becoming Selfish
There Is Only One Way Out Of Here
There Is Only One Way Out Of Here
In Your Presence Jesus
Break Away To Freedom
Allied Unaware
Allied With The Enemy
Unaware, Allied With the Enemy
Unaware Of His Death Grasp

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