Gazpacho Symbols Lyrics

No need to look
No one knows where we are
Don't be afraid you'll be fine here
The light's are out

We always take it with us where we go
Forever yours
Don't ever think that it will die with you
on that longest day

And though preconceived
They're forever yours
Your hopes and ideas
When you're all alone

But we all fall down
To anything that's bright
We all fall down
Kings and p___s alike
Believe with all our might
In whatever lightning strikes

There is a man buying souls at the crossroads
He picks them up and puts them in his dreamcoat
The music's playing through the man-made airwaves
The traffic jam's playing drums on the wheel

In flesh and bone you are stood down begging
And all the while you are wearing your crown

We all fall down
Starstruck teenage girls
We all fall down
Dictator spins the world
And your head feels light
Racing down the track
It's everywhere
Waiting to attack

And we all fall down
Confetti covered road
We all fall down
You're ready to explode

We all fall down
Chain leads to a gun
We all fall down, fall down fall down

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