Blind Zero Recognize (acustico) Lyrics

Steps on a curve and misgap that comes around
I´m still requiring merging for love´s account

Outside, that´s all you´ve got
You´ve got to stop it when you go for a ride
Outside, your touch rewards no more

Plunge into the dark side,having to much to drink
Plannig to leave it. Fire on the fingertips

Won't you recognize me, hold me, fraternize and be there
As the moment comes along, do no wrong
Won't you memorize me, take me, emphasize and be there
to avoid spinnin' around till you found
Won't you recognize me

Wanting to grab you wanting to feel your touch
Breathing desire the search which you denied,
ambition marked to kill the feeling

Outside, that's all you've got,
You've got to stop it when you go, if you go, for a ride
Outside you ain't nothing, me means you, feel the healing

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