Nightingale Recollections Lyrics

(Breathless. Part II)

The memories of you will never fade away,
You will always be,
A lonely stranger to my soul,
Where are you now,
I guess that I will never know,
And maybe you have died again,
To have a body of your own.

One day you will be reborn,
No recollection at all,
No memories of who you were,
And who you used to be.

One day I have to explain,
Relive the heartache and pain,
Cause you have the right,
To know just how it used to be.

I know that your soul will be alive again,
You'll be around us,
Like the wind and the rain and the stars,
One day your soul will be alive again,
I really hope you won't remember,
Who you were and what you could do.

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