d4l D4L - Butterhead Lyrics

Everythang look good b___erhead
Everythang look good b___erhead
Everythang look good b___erhead
Everythang look good b___erhead
Everythang look good b___erhead
Everythang look good b___erhead
Everythang look good b___erhead

Verse 1
I ain't tryin to be funny
But who said you were cute
Besides yo face everythang else a do
All in tha club like you Ms America
Lookin all around ain�t nobody sweatin ya
Got a grill like uh and a b__pa like whoa
You sorta like a beat up Chevy sittin on 24s
Yeah it might hurt but I gotta speak tha truth
You look like Danny Glubba in a Baby Phat suit
They call you on yo cell phone blowin yo head up
The only thang they wanna do is get cha legs up
You look like A.J wit a a__ like Free
If ya ain�t a blockhead well don�t call me
Ya stuck on ya-self and I don�t kno why
Ya so ugly trick you make me wanna cry
Ya called me on my phone and ya picture showed up
I hit tha bounce bathroom and then I though�d up


A yall look at that broad she swear she all that
You can tell by the way she walk and the way she act
Her body so perfect but her face like whoa
Maybe at night day time hell no
You a b___erhead and a blockhead too
Best believe when you suckin I ain�t lookin at you
You tha bomb from behind and you kno
But when you turn around them n____s quick to slam tha dow
What chu lookin at not me
Yo face look like a Tyson fight after round 3
b___erhead yep b___erhead that�s what I said b___erhead
Only cause you a b___erhead
You can bend yo knees and maybe shake yo a__
But don�t take a picture cause tha camera won�t last
This fa all those but but but b___erheads


Verse 3
Why these gu�s so ugly
Why these gu�s so ugly
I don�t kno oh
I don�t kno oh
All in my face breath real stank
Cause you got a a__ you can�t smoke my dank
Shut up fa a minute get out my way
You say yo name Joy but ya really need faith
Showin yo thong tryin to get some attention
Yo face look like you been hit by 10 renches
I kno what you sayin n____ you ain�t playin
Dress like a girl but she look like a man
All in my face shawty tryin to flirt
Look like Ricky Smiley in a Jane d___y skirt
Just look at her and her best friend too
They shape just right but her face just thew
I just don�t understand what tha hell is goin on
I haven�t seen a face whats not kissin on
She a b___erhead and her friends are too
Every body you hang around a b___erhead like you

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