king prawn Bring Down the House Lyrics

this is a story that you should know
once upon a time 20 years ago
Shatila & Sabra
your echoes of death
lie buried in rubble
but we won't forget
soldiers are gunning, your blood & your tears
silent with fear as the gunshots near
who'll learn of your fate?
their ain't no escape
loaded on trucks
headed for a mass grave
terror in the streets and shooting all around
they scalp a young child
and castrate a young man
discriminate not these bullets of hate
phalange soldiers excercising their faith
who'll hear your cries in this state of madness
while a TV news crew films you helpless
praying to god in an ungodly land
in this culture of murder
lonely you stand

the shots ring out
murder them
and bulldoze the house
the shots ring out
murder them
bring down the house

who'll stop the killing, the dying, the screaming?
zion is watching the horrors unfolding
soldiers and orders
their duty they follow
vengence and bloodshed
is what they will swallow
government minister giving the direction
now the prime minister
no we ain't forgotten
you say that you deny
and hide from these war crimes
wash the blood like herod
just like in the good old times
and we hope you got it coming
cos the guilty's walking free
successful in your lives
crimes against humanity
no arrest, no charge
for these ruthless cold killers
now they're business men
working for U.S. dollars

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