Pyt Same Ol' Same Ol' Lyrics

First time you said that you were leavin
I cried cuz u said you didn't need me
But the second that I started seeing somebody else
It's when ya had to come back to me
gone continued movin now I'm better
I moved on to someone who would treat me better
But now you're trippen cuz you see that I ain't all by myself
And you won't let me be boy

Why you gotta call me on my phone
Everytime you see another boy at my door
Oh boy you should've thought of that before
Now you wanna come home when you're alone
It's the same ol same ol sad senerio
Everytime you sway you wanna be so low
Oh boy you should've never let me go
But you've done it before
And now I know it's the same ol same ol

You thought that you could keep on doin
This too, You think that I won't Keep on movin
I admit it for a minute you was having your way
What can I say I wasn't over you (oh no)
Things change you and me best forget it(no more games)
No more playin I admit it
Don't you get it boy you did it
Now your trying to stay like it was yesterday
But boy we're through
Cuz you ain't never really ever cared about me
Cuz if you really ever cared about me
It wouldn't take another man
To make you understand That you want me(oh)
Cuz if you really ever cared about me
You would've never broke my heart and left me
And now you wanna come back and call me up tonight


I told you (I told you)
I'd leave you (you know I told you)
(I told you I would leave you)
Next time( and it's the last time boy)
Boy Boy Boy you were told lets get it on
It's the Same ol Same ol Same ol Same ol

[Chorus 3x]

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