Dr. Dre Bad Intentions Lyrics

(Super ugly!)

[Dr. Dre]
Put your cups up, get your smoke in
Baby, we partyin, ain't nobody loc'n
Who you provokin, what you want now?
Take a look around, it's pimp s___ goin down
It's a lot of b____es, a whole lot of freaks
Top notch hoes, they flock in every week
What you wan' do, get your next thrill
Take an X pill, how the s__ feel?
d___ you lookin good, all ten of y'all
Wwanna roll (yeaaah!), I'm d___in y'all
Keep your face down (ooh), keep your a__ up (ohhh)
You know what your doin (ooooh), keep that s___ movin (yeah)
Keep them t__ties jumpin, keep the Henny comin
Every b____ in here need to be touchin somethin
I know they like it hot, that's why I keep it hot
So how the f___ could they not want a piece of Doc?

Chorus: Knoc-turn'al]
I don't give a f___ 'cause I'm just
drinkin, smokin, straight West-coastin
b____es puttin a__ in motion
p____ poppin, s__ promotin
Got a cup? [Raise it up]
Got a blunt? [Blaze it up]
That's your b____? [On these nuts]
Really I don't...[Give a f___]
All I really know is your hoe wants to be with me, and she ain't playin
And what I'm sayin (she creeps with me)
And sleeps, between the sheets

[Dr. Dre]
Soon as the door close
I make 'em curl toes, they all wanna get chose
We never love y'all, my n____s all macks
We sip a lot of Yak, f___ and never call back
Pack women in the club until it's pitch black
Thugs on their block wonderin where their b____ at
Where you think n____? She with the Aftermath
Called her house, she ain't home, she with Aftermath
No talkin, f___ how your day go
You want d___ (yeeeaah!), will b____ say so
Don't be shy now, probably the best at it
They say a party ain't a party until the west at it
Gravitate to the Doc like it's automatic
Take your clothes off, make me wanna grab it
Turn around with it, make me wanna stab it (yeaah)
Time to get it crackin, show me them bad habits (oooh)


When she's all alone she sneaks out to be with me
And what I'm sayin is she ain't playin (she creeps with me)
And sleeps, between the sheets

[Dr. Dre]
Yeah, Aftermath, Doc Dre, 5-star surgeon general (yeaaah!)
Nocturnal, L.A. Confidential (yeaaah!)
What up Infinite, Mahagony droppin the instrumental (yeaaah!)
Do the math, Aftermath gets the last laugh (yeaaah!)

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