Dreamaker Face To Face Lyrics

In the silence
The thunder's howling free
It's raining tears inside myself
With your madness
And promises I've lived
But now I have the force to fight
There's no one in my life who lives
Anywhere close to me
But I need to see
Through your eyes and flee
A game you must play
You know that
You'll decide the places
Crease the curtains
When you lose... you will raise my flag
Are you prepared to play and cry?
We are face to face
In the deepest of the cliff
You and me
You're like an iceberg
Who freezes my blood
With frozen ropes
You're in front of the fire, we came to play
Now we're face to face
Take your time though
Victory's in my hands
Move your p___
The board is ready
I was afraid to die
But now I have the force to fight

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