Mandragora Scream Frozen Space Lyrics

Empty in this s___e
It's snowing life in my senses...
Dream-maker falling this grace
Only silence reigns

Until your gaze,
like a rail brims my heart
Enlaced in this ivory reign,
Nothing will collapse in vain

Souls are melting now inside, and
take my life and bring me away, then

Looking from my fate
Trembling flare of unrest
I'm bleeding 'cause
I saw on this earth
Falls and star-set rain.

Rise! Hushing this frozen-s___e,
Darkness of this unlife,
Again we can try to fly
Loving ivy never sere,
Blinding dreams of life
End whenever we are here,
We'll live again.

Lasting dark age,
Rising, craving, whilom time
Recalling a revenant through rest

In my darkest rave.

Inside my hands,
Only shade melts away,
My hell is made of blinding dreams
..Of eternity

How many stars are there in the
universe ?
So many ! More than you could ever count !

Is there music in s___e ?
No there's only silence.

But silence is music !
Yes, if you know how to listen.

Are there other people in the universe ?
That's a good
question. What do you think ?
I don't know !
universe is bigger than anything, so if it's just us,
seems like an awful waste of s___e !

Hushin' this frozen-s___e, darkness of this unlife. . .

again we can try to fly. . .
Lovin' ivy never sere,
blindin' dreams of life
and whenever we are here, we'll
live. . .

. . . . .Again. . . . .

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