Slim Thug I Ain't Heard Of That Lyrics

(feat. Pharrell Williams)

[Intro - Pharrell Williams]
Muhfuckers we them!!

[Chorus - Slim Thug]
I don't take 'em out to eat
I ain't here to trick or treat
I ain't trying to fix your weave
I ain't heard of that!!
I'm just here to train ho's
Put 'em on the main road
Teach 'em how to 'Change Clothes'
I know you heard of that!!
Change your whole attitude
It's time to take off your cool
If it make you wanna move, then move
My n____z get up on it, live b____es throw it back
Ma, act like you want it
I know you heard of that!!

[Verse - Slim Thug]
I'm the Young Texas A-Rod, KG of the game
LeBron James, you n____z must not know my name
I'm Slim Thugger m_________er! Tha Big Boss of the South
And I don't just talk it wit my mouth
I back it up wit my vow
Before Jimmy cut the check, it was 50 on my neck
And over 50 in my ear, I'm the Rookie of the Year
I'm here - for the 'Takeover', not out to replace Hova
But there's a new hustla in town, yeah the break's over
Don't get me confused wit the rest of them dudes
I've been Tha Boss down South, I'm just new to a few
Please believe, them n____z don't do what I do
I got everything them other rappers got times two (WHOO! C'MON!)


[Verse - Slim Thug]
I'm that new problem outta Houston, you got word of that?
It's Slim Thug and Neptunes, I know you heard of that
Ask your girl, she'll tell ya the truth
Your boys cool, but you can't fool wit the Boyz-N-Blue
I got something on my neck worth more than yo house
I got something in my yard worth more than yo spouse
I got something on my wrist worth more than ya team
And that car you think clean ain't worth more than my ring (hold up!)
Who yo know roll Bentley 'fore the album drop?
And still got a few from Pharrell to make the album hot? (Slim Thug!)
Yeah I hear y'all but don't see you n____z
Y'all just making words rhyme, y'all ain't seeing these figgas!! (WHOO!


[Bridge - Pharrell Williams]
Go on and move your cool if you want to (get out your seat girl)
Go on and make your moves if you want to (I said get up)
You can act a fool if you want to, you know you wit them

[Verse - Slim Thug]
You rolling clean? I saw the s___ you drive
You need to call MTV and tell 'em pimp your ride
I'm tired hearing all y'all wimps wit all y'all lies
Fake n____z dissapear, real n____z let's ride
I'm rich b____ like Dave Chapelle
Ask Geffen and Interscope why I gave 'em hell
My advance was more than most rappers get paid from sales
I made 'em pay for all the days I was living in hell, yeah!
Now my estate sit on top of the lake
It feels great, I got an R&B chick as my mate (Thugger!)
I does it big my nig, I deserve a plaque
It's Boss Hogg Outlawz, I know ya heard of that!! (WHOO! C'MON!)



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