Ebonics language lesson Lyrics

Announcer 1: And now, today's Ebonics language lesson...

Meeting girls:

(English) "My, you're lovely young lady."
(Ebonics) "Damm! Yousa fine motha***!"

(English) "Let's go for a ride, shall we?"
(Ebonics) "Hey baby, jump in my low-rider, and let's rotate these tires?"

(English) "You are beautiful, I would like to make love to you."
(Ebonics) "Damm! B***, youse stupid fly. Let me pull up to that b__per and smack that monkey!"

Greeting old friends:

(English) "Hello, sir."
(Ebonics) "What up, dawg!"

(English) "May I borrow some money?"
(Ebonics) "Hey, let me hold some hens. I'll hit you back on the first, my brother?"

(English) "You don't have it? Thanks, anyway."
(Ebonics) "F*** you."

Making new friends:

(English) "Hello, sir."
(Ebonics) "What up!"

(English) "I admire your fashionable runnings shoes."
(Ebonics) "Drop them Nikes off yo a** 'fore I blast you motha***!"

Announcer 1: I used to be stuck up white boy, faking the funk. b__p that! I ain't b*** on Front Street no more thanks to the Wake Up Crew's "Ebonics Language Lesson".

Announcer 2: Available in a hood near you.

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