The Mission Dumb Lyrics

I won't ask you for an explaination
cos there is nothing you can say that I'll believe
so boy your mouth is only good for one thing baby
so get down on your knees in front of me

Cos you're so dumb I bet you'll never know that this song is about you
you're so dumb I bet you'll never guess that this song is about you

Please don't tell me that it's my imagination
that in life we always get more than one shot
don't confuse ambition with wishful thinking

'cos we all want something more
something more than we already got
let's put another quid in the slot

I've got nothing to say I haven't said before
so I'll say it again and I'll say it some more
You don't like the things I say
so I keep on saying 'em anyway
it's not how fast you can move
it's not how much you have to prove

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