Kratos Lost Generation Lyrics

I had always kept my faith
Never trusted wicked games
All you have is you've created
The creation of the God d___ times.

I live in a d___ed Lost Generation
d___ed by those who don't care
Children sentenced to be a Lost Generation
Sentenced by those who don't have a belief.

"Quid mi iqitur suades? Ut vivam Naevius aut sic ut Nomentanus? Pergis pugnatia secum frontibus adversis componere; non ego, avarum c__ veto te fieri vappam iubeo ac nebulonem. Est inter Tanian quiddam socermque Viselli est modus in rebus, sunt certi denique fines quos ultra cirtaque nequit consistere r_____."

I sit and cry alone
Looking in my dark empty room
Try to see what's going on
By whom my life was doomed.
Wait to die
That will happen
See the light
Light of the revival
Now you'll come back
To the rights life
Leaving back
With a silent cry.

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