13 & God If Lyrics

If there were not something so loud and clear
It would have been bought and sold

We travel the s___e ways
and doom the s___e of men
and doom the s___e we're in
and doom the s___e there in

It has come to my attention as a matter of fact.
and the face of days i wont know how to act.
i act so tense u could pull a bull with it i so raw u can see nothin in it
dead negligin 4s right outof his air holes caught with his one white lung and his wing and this whole city cut for a scope just like playa called a balla in old oakland phone bill costs unreplicated gone half heart corinthian colum taught with my raw arm caught left, caught right bill to the occupation like bam none of my my lord and my pay rent to decide, and ban me, and my none with exagerated arms hong chong open to me cold

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