Big Fat Snake Hey Mr. World Lyrics

Hey Mr. World where do you think you're going with
My little girl s he's much too good for you don't you know that
Hey Mr. World you're way out of line don't you know that
She's my little girl you better be gone or you'll be shot gone
Shot gone shot gone

She's a big girl she's a good girl
And first of all well she's my girl
And you gotta be crazy if you think you're getting out of here

I'm a big boy you're a big boy
I'm a whole lot bigger than you boy
And you gotta get up early in the morning if you wanna come through

Hey Mr. World.

Well I know you I really know you
And I know I know what you're up to
'Cause way back when when I was a kid well I was just like you

'Cause I've been there oh yeah
I most definitely was there
And there were a lot of obstacles and a whole lotta grumpy old men

Hey Mr. World.

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