Against All Authority Pestilent Existance Lyrics

Systematically populated, nuclear annihilation.
Mind rotting flesh eating, cellular infection,
Genetically manipulated, human imitation,
all staring through my window as I sit here in d___ation.

I wonder how it's gonna end, if we keep up this pace,
Will we progress? Or end the human race?
We're destroying our planet, we've fallen from grace,
I just can't take it anymore, take me from this place,
to this,

Wall of sound that surrounds me,
and keeps me bound to the underground.
It's in my heart and in my soul,
I wanna kill you with my rock and roll,
and destroy the forces that control,
our pestilent existence.

Can't take it anymore...
don't wanna think about it, it makes me sick....

I step outside and all I see is our deterioration.
When we're gone all that remains will be plastic implantations and,
I can't tell the Christians from Satan's congregation.
So everyone climb aboard, nonstop to d___ation!

On this run away machine, never slowing down!
Someone said, "it's entropy," and it's too late now!
We're far too gone, we keep adding to this pile.
Just wanna sit back, and listen for a while, to


This pestilent existence, humanity's persists in,
it grows like a plague as we whither away.

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