Phantom Pain Shepherd Lyrics

I'm the source where nausea grows, not a human being. A f___ing disease, a visious sircle. Where you live there's no way out. Distorted values in your mind, while sickness grows inside. Delusions lead your way, obsessions replases your sanity.

Insanity takes you over, all that you wanted has wiped away. Like a virus, you cannot destroy me, cause no one has the cure. Still you believe me, when I hurt you. Your're my favourite sheep indeed. No morning after, no more sunlight. This is my way.

Your life! (your life!) Is wiped! (is wiped!) Away!

The blackened sky, fills your eyes. No more light, I have made it right. You cannot stop me, and you don't want to. I'm the shepherd that leads you on. My values rape your f___ing soul. Follow me and share my hell. Like the leaches I suck you dry. It's worth the pain!

Your life! (your life!) Is wiped! (is wiped!) Away!

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