My Little Airport leo, are you still jumping out of windows in expensive clothes Lyrics

I hope you can see what I can see.
I hope you can hear what I can hear.
Because it's not easy, because it's not easy.
I hope you can feel what I can feel.
I hope you believe what I believe.
Because I feel lonely, because I'm so lonely.
I don't wanna go home, I still can recall all the days in F.4 we played in our school, now I stay in Mei Foo, but where are you?
Leo, where are you?
I hope you can taste what I can taste.
I hope you can think what I can think.
Because I'm so crazy, because I'm so crazy.
Cos I know you know what I don't know.
I know you can think what I can't think.
Because you are special, because you're so special.
How I wish you were here, so I called your home, but your mom said that you've gone somewhere I have never heard before,
why didn't you call me when you leave here?
And all the things changed after we repeated a year in school.

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