Immolation Crown The Liar Lyrics

Believe in the liar
His words will convey
Profound and charismatic
Influence all to his side

Tell them what they want to hear
Keep the wolves at bay
Swallow all the truth
And spit deception out

Together we'll pave the way
To his omnipotence
Calming all dissention
Dissuading intervention

Hiding sanity - Strangling reason
Remove his wicked tongue - Or face the consequence

Divide and conquer... uproot and tear down.. the world is his
Provide the cause... cause the effect... create the hatred
Extort our passions... extort our strenghts... force our hand
Distort our vision... distort your promise... bending glory

Undo the world - Unleash its fury
Release our demons - Infect us all with your venom

We saw it coming and watched him rise
We did nothing to stop this mess
A fool's kingdom, a fool's king
We raised the liar and crowned the beast

The lives of many... on the heels of victory... will know defeat
He led us blindly... so blind in anger... we could not see
The cries of reason... so loud their cries... fell on deaf ears
We'll bear the scars... and take the pain... for one more day

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