Janie Frickie She's Single Again Lyrics


I just gotta tell ya what I saw last night
I wished I was guessing but I know I'm right
She walked in this place with a smile on her face
And I wondered why she was alone

Every man watched as she swayed on by
The way she was looking every woman could cry
And then I saw her sit down with her lawyer
And I knew what was going on

She's single again
Hold on to your men
She'll make us worried wives
And bring us broken lives
And heartaches that never end

She's single again
She's no woman's friend
And she's making her move
She's got nothing to lose
Look out she's single again

Tell me is this number four or is this number five
Tell me how many husbands has she buried alive
She uses the favors that the good Lord gave her
With the devil's design (Oooh)

I know she's thinking she's on top of the world
I've seen her working and I'm warning you girls
She's single again she's got a way with men
But she'd better get away from mine


(CHORUS) to fade

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