Philip Glass Akhnaten/Act 1. Scene 2. The Coronation of Akhnaten Lyrics

The short opening to the second scene show Akhnaten alone as the Scribe, Aye and the people of Thebes leave and the funeral cortege departs. Akhnaten's attendants appear and, by changing his costume, prepare him to receive the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt. There is not singing or narration in this section.

The next section for orchestra accompanies the appearance of the Scribe, the Amon High Priest, Aye and h___mhab as well as the people of Thebes. Akhnaten has remained with his attendants.

The following section includes the trio of Amon High Priest, Aye and h___mhab with orchestra. The dramatic intent of this moment is to prepare Akhnaten to receive the double crown.

Text: Sung in Egyptian by Amon High Priest, h___mhab, Aye and Large Chorus (from Budge, An Egyptian Reading Book)

Hail to thee, thou who art in peace
Lord of joy, crowned form
Lord of the wereret crown, exalted of plumes
Beautiful of diadem, exalted of the white crown
The gods love to look upon thee
The double crown is established upon thy brow

Ye-nedj hrak yemi em hetepu
Neb aut yeb sekhem kha-u
Neb wereret ka shuti
Nefer seshed ka hedjet
Mertu netcheru maanek
Sekhi men em weptek

The opening music of the scene recurs as the Scribe announces the names and t__les of the new Pharaoh. During this speech Akhnaten receives the double crown from the Amon High Priest a__isted by Aye and h___mhab.

Text: Recited by the Scribe (from a list of Akhnaten's t__les).

Live the Horus, Strong-Bull-Appearing-as-Justice;
He of the Two Ladies, Establishing Laws and
causing the Two-Lands to be Pacified;
Horus of Gold, Mighty-of-Arm-when-He-Smites-the-Asiatics;

King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Nefer Kheperu Ra Wa en Ra,
Son of Neb-maet-Ra
(Lord of the Truth like Ra)
Son of Ra, Amenhotep (Amon is pleased)
Hek Wase (Ruler of Thebes), Given Life.

Mighty Bull, Lofty of Plumes;
Favorite of the Two Godesses,
Great in Kingship in Karnak;
Golden Hawk, wearer of Diadems in the Southern Heliopolos;
King of Upper and Lower Egypt.

Beautiful-is-the-Being of Ra,
The Only-One-of-Ra,
Son of the Sun,
Peace-of-Amon, Divine Ruler of Thebes;
Great in Duration, Living-for-Ever-and-Ever,
Beloved of Amon-Ra, Lord of Heaven.

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