Subterranean Masquerade Six Strings To Cover Fear Lyrics

"I will try to speak slowly as layers of yearnings block the echo of my voice. I will try to scream it out and shot the words, but if my voice is somewhat silent then look behind the smoke for ascorch mark of sensual fire to monument the perdition my love and I have explored
Hope hat you wil not enjoy. I know I won't" - Tara

Those eyes have seen the best of days
Turning the countdown clock
A salty taste of a waterfall, thick colored fog
Bathing in the gaze of a sacred desire under the warmth of the sun
Senseless we adored the freedom, we danced for kingdom come

12 weeks already in this place
Turning, the countdown clock
X is sitting in his chair, he's half white, and I'm half blue
At night, the screams from upstairs muting the storms outside
And I still ask myself the same old questions
Is the carnival on tonight?

As time passes me by, I avoid my painful doubt
That in a time of bleed, I need you by my side
But why is it that you always vanish
Like a mirage in summer nightLeaving just a shadow - so vivid, can't see anything esle for miles

And by the time you make your mind to take the pill
Division bells ringing down the elevator shaft
Welcome to the 7th floor rhymes well with velvet cream
Your crime in passion, last will, paint in purple
6 strings to cover fear

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