Phantom Pain NapalmHate Lyrics

Burning hate inside my heart, making me feel so alive melting my every pure thought of you.. Well f___ you all too! I don´t give a flying f___ what you do, You don´t even have the right to breathe. Just wait when I get my hands on you.. This Napalm burns me through!

Hate! This hate! More hate! Napalm hate now!
Hate! This hate! More hate! Napalm hate!

Mother f___ers I want it all. This hate and every bit of it! It´s your time to fall. I´m gonna get it all and more! Burning your face out of my mind. Enjoying every moment I´m alive! Fuel for the flames. Fuel for Napalm Hate now!

This hate burns inside me! This hate burns through to me! I don´t fear. And I don´t care!

Music: Axa, Ron

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