Throes Of Dawn The Last Rainbow Warrior is Dead Lyrics

Bitter funerals in silence held
twelve coffins laid to earth
To dust all human hope to wither
The last rainbow warriors is dead

Ours is the world of tragedy
Ours is the world of grief

For countless,
gray days of dismay
It's been snowing black ashes
upon these devastated lands
Dreadful are the storms
that grind these mountains to sand

Hear the voice of destruction
as it screams through our souls
With the vast storms it walks
Proud destruction in human form

"The last rainbow
warrior is dead!
Behold the rising
of the furious dawn
it's hollow black rays
kill the colours
and the meaning of life
The last rainbow
warrior is dead!
The spring yields
to winter neverending:"

For silence will walk the earth
the silence of the stars above
a desolate world that snows under:
into dreams endless enter
city after city
continent after continent

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