Young Jeezy Geeked up (remix) ft. Fabo Lyrics

[Intro: Young Jezzy]
Fabo I gotch n____!!! (yeah!)
REMIX!!! (yeah)
Yeah, I see you chico (let's go)
CTE n____!! Grand Hype what up n____!!??
West Side, what it do n____
East Side huh (Slick Pulla what's happenin'?)
You already know... Let's get it n____
A Fabo, you know I do this one for love n____
I don't need nothin' n____ (let's get it!!)

[Verse 1: Young jeezy]
I said I'm higher than a m____fucka, right now
I'll shot a n____ dead in his s___, right now
They tought about a law, but I don't see how
Pull up in my car, and the b____es like WOW!!
And was me a Fa-Bezi, he on 3 pills
Rena Gochenasha, need another 3 mil
b____ you better chill, can't you see I'm floss
Fedarally's on me, so I pause for the boss
All these feds keep lookin' at me
Slowin' down the trap, make it hard for a G
Gotta b____ on Bankhead, nothin' but a Dankhead
Slide thru on tha late night, she give good head

It was me Slick P, you know we ran a train on her
I.O.U., you know we ran the game on her
Mac 11 c___, and the A R steady
Run up on me, m____fucka I'm ready

[Bridge: Fabo (of D4L)]
Geek'd Up, Geek'd Up, Geek'd Up, Geeked Up
I'm Geek'd Up, Geek'd Up, Geek'd Up, Geek'd Up

[Verse 2: Fabo (of D4L)]
Star Trek, Star Trek
Scotty don't wanna give a star back
I'm in tha zone, and I bought me a star gack
And I'm really geek'd up, that's a star fact
I'm startin' to see s___eships on Bankhead
I roll wit gangstas, pill poppas, and dank heads
I got partners like Worm, Lil' Boom, Buddy, and Famous
I got sistas like Yasmine, Chocolate, Porcha, they dangerous
I fly like blaze, when I'm burning purp
Real powder heads, we burning hurt
Geek music, I'm earning turf
While you football soft, like nerf

[Chorus: Fabo (of D4L)]
I'm in tha zone, I gotta see my doctor, Scotty's calling me (Scotty beam me up)
I'm in tha zone, I wanna fly morning, noon, and night
I'm Geek'd Up, Geek'd Up, Geek'd Up, Geeked Up
I'm Geek'd Up, Geek'd Up, Geek'd Up, Geek'd Up

I'm Geek'd up, I can't make it on my own
I'm Geek'd up, I wish these haters leave me alone
Help me, help me, help me, help me
Help me, help me, help me, help me (I just wanna be, free)

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