Ten Foot Pole World's best dad Lyrics

they tell you there were better days
you can't remember through the haze
this is the only life you've ever known
they sigh and talk about fist fights
when you could go to sleep at night
without avengers tearing out your wishbone

you pray to god and wonder just who's up there
what kind of father would leave his kids alone
in a world where you're lucky if your mom cares
hordes of people call the streets their home

they want to take away the guns you want to get
some bigger ones your defense is up to you and you alone
they think that they can stop the heat but they don't
understand the street you don't want your girl crying on your
tombstone living in that memory don't understand what they
see so they pay cops to make it yesterday you can't push
back the hands of time you want to know and keep on
trying do your best to stay out of there way

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