black knights only 4 my niggas Lyrics

[Chorus x2: all]
Life is a struggle, with so many hustles
That we can juggle, we all wanna bubble
So just to get richer, we sit and sip liquor
And plot to get figures, only with my n____s

Late night, LAPD lurkin like a great white
In b_____ waters, yo we d_____ cuz my click stay tight
Pull up at the liquor sto', cuz we gotta get some Mo'
40's and blunts, smoke til I'm high, drink til I'm drunk
Bout to school Monk, cuz he like my right hand
Grab a can for Sandman
He runnin by a parked van, smoked up on the dark plan
Devious plot, know how to get a knot
Nothin major, just runnin up in the local spots
I grab the blunts and the box of Newport's for Doc
It's vice night, every block infested with cops
I jumped back in, what's crackin?
You said he had heavy traffic for 3 months
You know he got dough stackin, stop playin

n____ I'm not playin
They got heavy traffic, closed shop at 11:30
Heard where the money be from a little birdie
Don't hesitate to speak, I've got 17 slugs
Let's make it in and out, and get the money and drugs
If you scared then go to church, where the Simpleton at?
He leave his b____ up in the house with a virtilo strap
And she timid with it, wouldn't tell that she knew who did it
We on the quest to survive, my n____s be the fittest
Let make it happen, rap, scrap or keep it cappin
Licks nice sound, cheques will keeps the goods lappin
Safe spot, lace Doc, and Monk he know what's happenin
It's just a little nappy n____ always been

[Interlude: Crisis (Monk)]
(It's on, what's poppin?)
Hey, that n____ Sandman told you how it's goin down?
(4 Sho) He did? (Yeah)
f___ it, let's go n____


[Doc Doom (Sandman)]
So S-man, what up? We gon' do this or what?
I know he sittin on somethin, we been watchin for months
(Plus his man just rolled up, he's about to Re-Up)
Let's____ em both at the same time
(d___ it's like you read my mind)
11:29, time to move out, ring the doorbells
Soon as he open the door, we whip the two's out
Everybody hit the floor, scooped up the drugs
Pistol-whipped his hoe, he said the money's up under the rug
in the master bed room (Check it out Monk)
But if you lyin, tonight all of y'all gonna be sleepin in a tomb
Monk what the hell we got?

Bingo, we hit the jackpot
60 G's, 80 pounds, 2 brick, crack rocks
2 glocks, fresh out the box
It's time to smash out
Kill a b____, empty the clips, and then shake the spot
The homies in the car, let's go, it's time to get home
Back to the spot, divide it up, so we can stack on
Sew the block up, bubble up, cuz times it's tart
Slippin in the streets, your a__'ll pay to serve charge
Cuz it cost to be the boss
Tough talk and get your braces charmed
Spot Rusherz rush the spot, what the f___ you thought?

Chorus x2

[Outro: all]
We all wanna bubble, only with my n____s
We all wanna bubble, only with my n____s

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