A Wilhelm Scream It Will Happen to You Lyrics

This confession is obvious to me.
Happy dreams, sick f___.
You're supposed to be here with the lepers.
The ones with vitriol.
Right now I feel like one of those.
Because the ones with emotions get sick in the end, like you.
Stop if it hurts to fight.
We lie for love because we believe that we need some.
They lie to f___ and you know, in life it hurts to try to do right.
Where's the lesson? Now, let's be honest here.
Happy dreams are f___ing synonymous with fear.
Like the lepers, who wants to break the news that right now
they're losing more than they have to?
The one's with emotions get sick in the end, like you.
Just stop if it hurts to fight.
They want to break you down.
You're gonna let them.
Dying in a hole?
It happens to the worst of us.
It will happen to you.

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