Musiq (Soulchild) Stoplayin Lyrics

[ Verse 1 ]
We've been chilling together for a while
And I'm finding it hard to figure you out
See cause I can't tell if you wanna be
My girl or just cool.
First you catch an attitude
when my phone goes off
Sometimes you act like you don't care at all
Things that you say and do leaves me so confused
When you know I'm feeling you!

[ Chorus ]
Won't you quit playing baby
Why you gon front
Won't you just say it
Say what you really want.
If you ain't wit it, just stop
Leading me on, on, on, on, on, on, on!!!

[ Verse 2 ]
I don't mean to pressure you baby
But you really need to make up your mind
Let me know what you really want
Stop wasting, wasting my time
Cause on the real (the real) real (for real)
I could be out and find someone who's
Down wit what I'm about
Instead I'm waiting on you to decide if
I'm the one that you want in your life

[ Chorus 3x ]

[ Bridge ]
Hey baby tell me why must you treat me this way
How about you come on and stop
playing these games
Let me know what it is you really wanna do
So I can know how I should feel
when I'm dealing with you

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