Vivian Green Wishful Thinking Lyrics

[Verse 1]
All I wanna do
Is wake up every morning and be happy, I mean care free
And all I wanna do
Is love my man and be sure that my family is okay
And I wanna sing,
The songs that I write in my head
On a stage , in a big place
And I wanna laugh
Until tears fall down my face and my abs, are aching
Is that too much to ask, in my life, to have
Nothing but the sweetest days
Too much, for one, to have
Or is it wishful thinking
[Verse 2]
Oh I wanna send
My little brother Solomon to college, with no problem
And how I hope
The children that I sponsor down in Chile
They get the money I send
And I wanna fly
To Paris once a year for a vacation
With my husband
And I hope
The nations will stop fighting and find sweet peace, somewhere down deep
I want my soul to fly free
Without a single worry
Fear or anxiety
Could it be possible for all I wish to have, or

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