Susan Tedeschi / Jonny Lang Opposites Attract Lyrics

i like my coffee hot
strong and black
i drink my tea from a pot in a pork pie hat
but i got an itch that she likes to scratch

you see i like to run around
and i like to walk
baby i like to listen and I like to talk
i like it strong but i like it fast
(both) it sure gets good when opposites attract

i like to pitch
she lets me catch her
he wants the salt
she wants the pepper
he barks like a dog she purrs like a p____ cat
(both) ohhh opposites attract


i like play time
and i like to nap
i like the front seat I like the back
I hold the wheel while i hold the map
see i like the bottom
I like the top
but i'd rather go fishing i'd rather shop
i like to break 'em i like to rack
(both) things get freaky when opposites attract

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