Paul Wall And Chamillionaire Here I Am Lyrics

[Big Cat]
You about to witness the strength in front of a b____

Sony Music, Interscope, Universal Records and Def Jam
Let a n____ speak to the head man, ya lookin' for me (Here I Am)
Attention to all of my best friends, and bootleggers hell yes Cham
Crush anyone up against him, ya lookin' for me (Here I Am)
Even when he ain't got no weapon
n____z that's street they was wit' Cham
So give a n____ respect d___, ya lookin' for me (Here I Am)
Dirty-South (Here I Am), is ya wit me (Yes I Am)
Color Changin' Click clack, gimme the gat n____ (BAM!)

Where Mista Madd? (Here I Am), where the boy Yung Ro (Here I Am)
What up Paul, what up Rasaq and Lew Hawk, what up Twin
Big Cat (What up Cham?), they say that you think that you tough man
Get on the mic and say somethin, to the major labels (f___ them!)
Haha, a wise man once said don't diss the majors cuz you might need em'
But it's obvious by this intro a n____ like me didn't believe em'
Rudest, the way the labels percieve him, but I ain't - in this game to make friends
Make love to ya label or hold hands, so tell em' again (f___ them!)
The difference between them and me is I AM A G
While you still tryin' to fix up your I M A G E
Fix up your image, ya click is a gimmick, ya pistols are rented
Ya click will diminish, cuz this is ya finish, n____ admit
Cuz every line you spit is invented, n____ I'm in it.
My zone, I'm hungry I won't turn down a meal
but don't shoot a deal at Chamill, and think that he won't turn down a mil'
Better get a whole 'lotta mics for this one, cuz no magazine wants to p___ him off
Because I gotta loud voice in the south and I promise, n____z is listening

Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas (Where else Cham?)
Mississippi, Georgia and Texas, I know ya wit me? (Yes I Am)
Color Changin' Click yep thats my fam
Paid in Full Records thats my fam
And anybody else I'm forgettin', Swishahouse (Here I Am)
Radio DJ's (Here I Am), and to all my fans (Here I Am)
Where that Northside (Here I Am)
Where that Southside (Here I Am)
DJ Screw Rest In Peace man
What will the south be without him?
Make em' respect us is my plan
The world ain't ready but here I Am

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