The Residents Dying Oilman Lyrics

I couldn't be good
Maybe I'm crazy
I couldn't be good
Maybe I'm mad
I couldn't be good
Don't get in my way because
I couldn't be good
But I'm bad

I never thought it be like this
I just figured it'd be a brand new El Dorado every year from now on
Aw, who is this guy in the mirror
He looks so weak and pasty
I always wanted to take little Sam
To see that Sphinx statue over there in Egypt
I still don't like the idea of that guy over in Denver
Firefloodin' on my field
a__hole's so dumb he wouldn't know a p___pot from a k__quat
God, he could cost me a thousand barrels a day out of that field
Always wanted to see all that stuff they got over there in Europe
And take little Sam and Earline both
God, I need a smoke
Don't seem like one little smoke would matter that much now
I gotta go back for more of them treatments tomorrow
The whole g______ place is green
But it ain't grass green or money green
It's puke green or pus green
And it's the kind of green I feel like when I'm there
Like a bug about to be squished
I just know Earline would love to see that Eiffel Tower
Over there in France
I think maybe she even has a poster about it in her room

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