Voices Of Silence Destiny Lyrics

So many years are pushing your shoulders,
Moments are turning
you old and grey,
Don't despair, this won't last
Tomorow is here, it might be your day!
Refr.: Shout it out: there is no destiny !
No curse lasts for eternity!
Shout it out: there is no destiny
God made a free world for you and me !
So many nations are pushing the borders,
Rising in power, then falling free...
No empire shall last forever,
The fallen will rise, will rise again you'll see!
Refr. 4x
Fate is turning, lives are burning
Don't ignore the silent warning!
Hold your visions, take decisions,
Never look away!
Don't reject the simple feelings,
It's the only way to healing!
Shadows of the darker timesWill all fade away!

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