MTV Video Music Awards 2007 Lyrics

(Nelly Furtado)

We're sitting real close and I can feel your breath
I wanna touch your hand but I lay back

You're standing at the door
I'm falling to the floor
You look even better than you did before
I'm staring at my feet
Wondering if I can do this
It's been a while but I couldn't forget you

Just a little look has got me feeling things
Just a little taste has got me seeing things
Just a little touch has got me off the chains
Doing things that I don't want to

Do it like you do it to me (I'm burning up)
Do it like you do it to me (it's not enough)
Do it like you do it to me just open up
Don't you know how much I want you (x2)


Baby girl, I don't got a huge ol' house,
I rent a room in a house
Listen baby girl, I ain't got a motorboat,
But I can float your boat
So listen, baby girl, once you get a dose of D.O.E
You gon' want some mo'
So listen, baby girl, when I'm naked I want you there,
Want you there, yeah.


Yeah my money and me loof like feel me them,
and it's realy not quite louis allason,
Your body ain't Pamela Anderson,
Its a struggle just to get you in the caravan,
But listen baby girl,
Before I let you lose a pound I'll buy a bigger car,
So listen baby girl,
I love you just the way you are, the way you are


I ain't got no money
I ain't got no car to take you on a date
I can't even buy you flowers
But together we be the perfect soulmates
Talk to me girl

(Keri Hilson)

Oh, baby, it's alright now, you ain't gotta flaunt for me
If we go touch, you can still touch my love, it's free
We can work without the perks just you and me
Thug it out til we get it right

Baby if you strip, you can get a tip
'Cause I like you just the way you are


I'm about to strip and I'm well equipped
Can you handle me the way I are?


I don't need the G's or the car keys
Boy I like you just the way you are

(Keri & Timbaland)

Let me see ya strip, you can get a tip
'Cause I like you just the way you are

(Justin Timberlake)

She grabs the yellow bottle
She likes the way it hits her lips
She gets to the bottom
It sends her on a trip so right
She might be goin' home with me tonight

She looks like a model
Except she's got a little more a__
Don't even bother
Unless you've got that thing she likes
I hope she's goin' home with me tonight

Those flashing lights come from everywhere
The way they hit her I just stop and stare
She's got me love stoned
Man I swear she's bad and she knows
I think that she knows


Is it going, is it going, is it going, is it going?
I don't know what you're looking for

(Nelly Furtado)

If you see us in the club, we'll be acting real nice
If you see us on the floor, you'll be watchin' all night
We ain't here to hurt nobody
So, give it to me, give it to me, give it to me
Wanna see you work your body
So, give it to me, give it to me, give it to me

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