17-ghostface_killah-be_this_way_www.file24ever.com Lyrics

What up, ya'll, this that Pretty Toney s___
Aiyo, I know there's a lot of hoods and s___ out there
A lot of n____s done got bodied
A lot of n____s done got robbed and s___
You know what I mean? We love a lot of things in the hood
But time goes on... and if we don't change a lot of s___
s___ always gonna be this way, and that's a m____fucka fact!
True gangsta s___, ya'll, yo, yo, yo
When ya'll turn my mic up in here, bareback s___
Knowhatimean? Tired of ya'll m____fuckas and s___
One-two, f___ around and clob on one of ya'll m____fuckas
Yo Spidey, put that reverb s___, on
Come on... "Can you feel it? Can you feel it?" Yeah
"Can you feel it..." Let's go, f___ it...

[Ghostface Killah]
Live from Staten Island, where the gangstas kill
Only place on the map, that got the 30 dollar bill
And we front like we got millions
Our specialty is how we willie, n____s
That's how Buck brought the building
And the police is p____, they protect and serve
They connect, with baseheads then they frisk our birds
Smack DVDs, blowin' herb, I'm in the room
Bonin' these two white b____es, Ice baggin' up work
That's how we get down, f___ Vegas
The black Carlo Gambino, rockin' the wallo's
Blow his diamonds in Z-No's, spicey, verses is jalapeno
Best to leave, when I'm in the big Escalade, I'm sittin' on Dino
Tone Stark, a poet's art, kiss the girls
And bake them pies, clean up, some are old darts
This that real live don' s___, you heard!

[Chorus: Ghostface Killah]
Yo, they lick forty rounds, today
Okay, plus the s___ is mad hot around the way
n____s don't give a f___ on any time or day
Or if he dyin' today, or could he find a way
Blow n____s over 'turt, b____es, dimes and trays
Blow a n____ a jewel and watch him slide away
It's like that, in the hood, he in the grimy say
But what we try'nna say is gonna "be this way"
It don't have to... it don't have to... "My God!"

[Ghostface Killah]
With big carrots and static, with that leaves the bad habits
Drugs layin' in buildings with great big automatics
Anonimos' in the hood, it's a fact, we could do magic
Splatter f__gots in lobbies, the heat burn off his eyelashes
Don't try to pass this, back up or you'll receive something
Real tragic, them hollows'll race through your jacket
Semi gangstas with weak tactics
Forensic scientists called in to display graphics
For square inch to his back winds
They brain is spleen, it's left all over a fiend's mattress
b______, we c___ and squeeze after we leave our ratchets
We keep the hood cryin' for massive havoc
No Trix we take from silly rabbits, yo feed them lead carrots
The little mans'll connect and they touch that fabric
The only thing that can stop 'em is that tephlon phat s___
Maybe artillery's heavy like a bunch of fat chicks
Brrrr.... baow! Ain't no comin' back b____!


[Outro: Billy Stewart samples]
"Ways... be this way!" <i>[3X]

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