Legaci Ready for love (Candle light version) Lyrics

Verse I

It's been a long

Time Alone

I feel the Change

Like Seasons change

I feel the need to let you know

(I'm ready for lovin' girl and I really want to let you know)

And If you

Feel it too

Then maybe We

Could possibly

Open our hearts and give it a try


I need to know

If this love is even possible

We've tried it once before

But d___ I let you go

Back then we couldn't be

But I hope that you can see

I've grown and changed

And I know I'm Ready For Love.

Verse II

I was thinking we

Could start again

Cause I want you back

And I can't pretend

And if you believe in loving me

I need to know.

I'm not trying to say things are perfect

But I know this one thing's worth it

That's keeping you here right beside me

'Cause I need to know

Chorus w/ adlibs


I need to know

If you feel what I'm feeling

Only heaven knows

Knows how much

We've been through

But I know that I'm missing you (You know its true)

Bridge Interlude:

Whatever we've been through

'Cause I've been missing you

No matter, we've gone through

Still down to ride with you

Do you still love me like you used to?

Repeat Interlude with Chorus 3X


I really want to let you know

That I never want to let you go

'Cause I'm ready for love

Been ready for love

For you girl, you know I want you so bad

I know its love, and I know you know.

I've grown and changed.

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