Skinflick Unique Lyrics

Skinflick - Unique

don't you touch my feelings, i'm not man like you
try to break my spirit, see how i'll break you
you don't know my desiers, you you think that i'm fool
try to stop my fire, see how i'll stop you

now it's time to show my anger, it's time to smash your face
now it's time to feel the danger, it's time to clean this place

fool - what you try to tell me, don't think i'll be a slave
don't think i'll be baby of your foolish games
you're not my master, know well - i'm free man
why you court disaster - see soon that i can

проливайки кръвта аз не мога да се спра
ще се боря с теб до край
и няма вече ад и няма вече рай
но възмездие има знай

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