Rollins Band Another Life Lyrics

You must think you're going to live forever
I listen to the lies as they fall from your face
You must think that you are mighty clever
Can't you find a better way to deal with this place

Watching your life die
We'e all wathcing your life die
Your hands are wet - Your mouth is dry
You shake and sweat - You want to die
Your eyes are hot - Your skin is cold
You're so young - But you look so old

Lie in bed all day stering at the ceiling
Your friends come around
Because they wonder how you're feeling
You send them all away
Because you can't identify
They don't know you
They're not even high
So high

See the monkeys eyes.
Look deep into the monkeys eyes as he comes to you smiling.
Day after day the monkeys eyes become bigger and bigger.
Soon the monkeys eyes are all you can see.
Soon the monkeys eyes become your eyes.
You feel the monkeys bite.
Monkey see monkey do, monkey will destroy you.

If I could make wishes true
I know what I'd wish for you
Another life
Another life for you

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