mind.in.a.box Into the Night Lyrics

There was nothing left to feel,
when I fell into the night.
I thought that I would never heal,
but that night I was reborn.

"I need a drink,
as long as it's strong enough.
My Name?
I don't know ... my name."

"That's right, no card at all ... yeah, great."

"Hey! You know a place called »The Pi«?
No, I know. But I can't remember."

"Let me in ... I've been here before.
No, I didn't destroy your door.
Yeah, right, I've started already."

"Is that guy a regular?
Yeah, I'm sure I've seen him before.
Who's he talking to?"

"So you remember the night
when I was following that girl?
What happened that night?
No, I don't know any of the bands on that list.
Sleepwalkers? Never heard.
What are they?"

The sun is already up.
I will never believe
how bright it can be at this hour.

"I need a room.
No, as long as there's a bed.
My name?
Black ... my name is Black."

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