Red House Painters Japanese to english Lyrics

I went as far as losing sleep
I went as far as messing up my life
Unloving still strike me different
A million miles away from home
And fifteen from a payphone

Where we sat lonely on the sand

You're ten years older
We translate j__anese to English
And English to j__anese

It's not that simple
This dictionary never has a word
For the way I'm feeling
It's nothing plain for me

Of a different god and moral
What if I laid my head down on your stomach
Or put my mouth to your hand
I cannot translate

j__anese to English
Or English to j__anese

What I had to say is unsaid
What I had to do is undone
And if it was done
I'm sure it would have killed our hour

Where we sat lonely on the sand

Above the water the awful gray
Our current from j__an
Didn't sweep away

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