De La Vega Missing You Lyrics

Why can't
you hear me
you used to
listen, you used
to put it all in place
but now there's
just a crying face
I'm looking through
the tears of years
gone by looking back
and wondering why
I'm still missing you.

Why did you go
you used to stay,
you used to walk my way
but now there's
just an empty road
I'm walking through
this wonderland alone
I'm wondering all alone,
I'm still missing you,
yeah I'm still missing you.

I still remember
you sweet caress
your tenderness
I confess I'm still
feeling you
I want to
hold you tight
if loving you is wrong
I don't wonna be right
I don't wonna be right.

Searching for
some piece of mind
I wind back time
and find myself
trapped again
all left behind
I'm longing for someone
to call my own
to bring the sun
to bring the sun
baby I'm still...

You got me back
back on the ground
I'm bound forever
cause I'm...

Some days I'm doing fine
but than I fall
crawl back up
and I'm still...
I'm still missing you...

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